Nopany High is a vibrant center in Kolkata, founded by the Nopany Education Trust.

At Nopany High, we provide facilities for the development of all the faculties in a child - mental, moral, physical, and emotional. Young people find scope within their own cultural milieu to reflect on their lives and to develop not only in knowledge and skill but also in wisdom, which is the fruit of reflection on life and its lessons.

Our educational process integrates moral, physical and cultural curriculum, exposing each student to a wide range of subjects emphasising on character building and creativity. Student and faculty also participate in extra-curricular activities that provide real life experiences.

Nopany High has efficient and experienced teachers who are committed to high academic standards. The school provides a rich and diverse curriculum catering to the needs of each individual student.

The school has a typical Indian identity. Whereas it marches ahead with the progress of the first world countries, the curriculum, customs and conventions of the school are truly Indian. It has a consistently good track record of 100% first divisions in the last decade. The objective of the school is to provide:academic training of the highest possible calibre. Facilities for the development of all the faculties in the child: mental, moral, physical and emotional is also provided by the school.