Air Conditioned Class Room

All classrooms of our school are fully air conditioned to suit weather conditions and students’ need. Primary class rooms are specially equipped to meet the requirements of Kindergarten and Montessori methods of teaching. The senior classrooms are equipped with interactive digiboard system and enable the students to learn with the help of audio visual aids. The smart classrooms are available to all students from Nursery to VII.

Physics Lab

Our fully equipped and suitably designed Physics lab nurtures the scientific temperament of the students. We pride in reinforcing the innovative scientific concepts and in assisting the development of students. They not only learn the prescribed syllabus, but much beyond. We support learning by doing as the most resourceful way to excite the personal flair in each student.

Chemistry Lab

Nopany High has a well-equipped Chemistry laboratory that maintains all the statutory norms and safety standards. This well-ventilated and spacious hall room is resourced with accurate digital measuring instruments and high quality chemicals. We pride in developing the scientific attitude in the students along with the ability to analyse, assemble, assimilate and work out. 

Biology Lab

We let the students to discover before we describe. All the equipment and specimens are well maintained by the experienced laboratory staffs. We keep on eyes that the students get the facility to study detailed structures, morphological, histological and physiological aspects of plants and animals. The learning we boast in our laboratories kindles a natural curiosity of the students.

Computer Lab

Our school is a high tech school based on a super fast information highway. Computer science is taught for application purposes and as an academic subject. The school boasts of two ultra modern computer labs with user friendly operating systems. We emphasise on a hands-on experience with computer. Computer generated outputs are put to a variety of uses. Keyboard skills in the lower classes give way to programming languages and techniques at the secondary and higher secondary level.

Medical Facility

The school has basic medical facilities. Basics medical care and first-aid is provided in the school infirmary. For special needs, and in case of accidents or other emergencies, the school calls on hospital, a short distance from the campus where quality medical care is melted out to the students.

School Canteen

To supplement the food requirements of growing children, the school canteen provides the highest standards of modern catering with balanced and nutritious, hygienic vegetarian snacks and lunch at a reasonable price. Moreover, buying eatables from the street vendors is strictly prohibited. Canteen facilities are not available to the Junior section. Filtered drinking water is available throughout the day on each floor of the school. 

School library

The library is the nucleus of learning. It helps young students to develop the habit of reading and absorbing what they read. Growing students are encouraged to read a variety of books that in turn helps in the overall development of the child. The 17,000 books of our school library where every book, magazine or periodical has been carefully chosen, contain books that are commensurate with the age of the child.

EBIX Smart Class

This is an audio-visual aid to make lessons more interesting, using latest technology. This digital teaching system give teachers access to digital content in their classrooms on an everyday basis and helps to explain concepts with the help of animations, graphics, video etc.